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3 of the Most Common Plumbing Issues to Watch For This Summer


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When most homeowners think of things that are likely to go wrong around the house during the summer months, they probably tend to think about things involving their roof, the exterior of their homes, the landscaping, and especially their air conditioning system. Most homeowner don't tend to give their plumbing system a second thought until it either develops some kind of an issue, or the weather starts to turn a bit colder. While your there are a number of issues that you have to worry about with your plumbing system in the colder months of the year, the summer brings its own set of particular issues that you need to be on the lookout for, especially while the kids are still out of school and they and their friends are hanging around the house during the day. In an effort to help make sure that all of our valued customers are well protected this summer, our team of plumbing professionals have taken the time to put together this short list detailing just what a few of the more common plumbing issues that spring up during the summer are, and what you can do help limit the likelihood of them occurring, and what to do in case they do make their presence known this summer.

Clogged Disposals

If you plan on firing up the grill this summer and having friends and family over for one of your famous cookouts, you are going to want to be sure that everyone who attends is on the same page as to what is acceptable to be put down your disposals. There are far too many homeowners out there that think just because their garbage is organic and doesn't have any bones in it, that it can be safely ground up in your garbage disposal. While that is true for most organic materials, some types of food are simple too tough or too fibrous to be ground up completely, and can lead to particularly stubborn clogs that might require professional help in order to clear out. In particular, hard fruits and vegetables like watermelon or corn can be a nightmare for your garbage disposal, and can actually cause a great deal of damage to the blades on your disposal themselves. Used cooking oils are another substance that has no business going down your disposal. Used oils and grease tend to congeal when they are exposed to hot water, and when this happens, they can seriously gum up the machinery in your disposal, so it is best to just find another place to put them. Finally, no matter what you are putting down your disposal, you always want to run the cold water for a few seconds both before and after grinding to clear away any remaining bits that could clog up the works.

Backed Up Sewer Lines

With all of the excess heat in the air, the summer months usually experience their fair share of rain, and if enough of that moisture finds its way into your sewer lines, whether through cracks or gaps, it can spell trouble for your home's plumbing system. All of that excess water can actually start to back up into your home itself, which can be both incredibly inconvenient and a health hazard to you and your family. Another common cause of water backing up in your sewer lines actually comes about because of trees. During the summer, trees are growing, and that means their roots are spreading. If those roots manage to grow into your sewer lines, they can cause serious blockages that only a professional will be able to safely remove. Regardless of what the cause might be, anytime you have water backing up into your home, you are going to want to call in a pro right away.

Clogged Toilets

During the summer, the kids and their friends are going to be around the house more often, and this means that your toilets are likely going to see more frequent use than they're used to during the average day. While this on its own shouldn't cause much of an issue for your Gering plumbing, it can become one if anyone in your home isn't on the same page as to what can and can't be flushed, or what constitutes too much toilet paper. Taking a few minutes to set some guidelines and make sure everyone knows what not to flush, and how much toilet paper is a responsible amount to use during a trip to the bathroom will go a long way towards preventing clogs from forming in the first place.

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